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September 17/24, 2012

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  • ‘Power’ Player: FM Global’s Mark McAdams

    Mark McAdams, high-hazard occupancy specialist for FM Global, maintains its underwriting requirements for power generation, mining and service interruption. McAdams spoke with NU about some of the common exposures for companies in the power-generation industry and the underwriting considerations that come into play with high-voltage risk.

  • Enlist Employees in the Workers’ Comp Cost-Control Crusade

    Instead of keeping employees in the dark about how the Workers’ Compensation system functions for fear of encouraging more fraudulent claims, organizations would likely be better off proactively enlisting their people in their cost-control efforts.

  • Telematics Pressure Is On for Midsize Carriers

    It would seem as though the Personal Auto insurance industry has shifted into overdrive as large insurance companies like Progressive, State Farm and Allstate are aggressively promoting their telematics programs and associated discounts to attract the best risks. Many of these large carriers have been developing their telematics (or pay-as-you-drive)...

  • Commercial P&C Growth Also Leads to Higher Agency Valuations

    The news for insurance agents & brokers concerning organic growth continues to be positive: According to the 129 producers who participated in Reagan Consulting Inc.’s most recent Organic Growth & Profitability Survey (OGP Survey), such growth continues to accelerate in 2012.

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