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November 26, 2012

Cover Story

  • King of Beer

    The Hanover Group is the acknowledged leader among carriers in the craft-brewery space. Hanover’s “Craft Brewers Advantage” product provides coverage for property, automobiles, employees and customers as well as risks associated with transporting the product, Professional Liability, Employment Practices Liability and Fidelity & Crime.

Special Report

  • Pocket-Size Risk Tools: 10 Apps for Risk Managers

    Risk managers looking to utilize their mobile devices for help with their daily risk-mitigation efforts may consider these 10 smartphone and tablet applications designed to assist with such tasks as identifying the effects of a supply-chain disruption; staying on top of emerging exposures overseas; and choosing among deductible options. ...

Market Report

  • Collectibles Coverage: Insuring Prized Possessions

    Everyone’s familiar with the concept of collecting stamps, coins, comic books and even “Star Wars” action figures—but how about collecting surgeons’ tools from the Civil War era or locks of celebrities’ hair?

  • When a Musician’s Hair Sells for More Than a Song

    People in the 18th and 19th centuries collected hair as a keepsake to remind them of loved ones, much as religious people have long kept skull and bone fragments as holy relics. In the world of collecting, what’s old is new again: Hair, clothes and other ephemera belonging to celebrities...



  • Aspen Insurance SVP’s Cat-Adjuster Checklist

    When most people think of catastrophe adjusters, they probably envision claims professionals dealing with fallout from weather-related events. But the universe of potential catastrophic claims is far broader than that and is growing—especially in regard to third-party and man-made catastrophes. These can range from environmental disasters and massive transportation snafus to technology crises....

  • Coverage Query: Workers’ Comp and Meal-Time Injuries

    FC&S recently received a question from a subscriber asking about liability coverage for injuries a restaurant employee suffered while on a lunch break from work. The details were a little sketchy (we don’t know the state or exactly how she was injured), but the gist of the situation was that...

  • Kidnap & Ransom Coverage Keeps Pace With Growing Risks Around the World

    New hot spots are developing all the time in regions around the world. In parts of Asia, North Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and the United States, criminal gangs, political turmoil and other threats are creating uncertain and hostile environments. Fast-changing conditions mean that regions can shift unexpectedly from...

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