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March 12, 2012

Special Report



  • Cat-Bond Fever

    I spent half a day last week meeting with executives from various divisions of Verisk Analytics, parent company of such well-known industry brands as ISO and AIR Worldwide (Verisk has so many P&C-focused business units under its umbrella that I would have needed half a month to meet with leaders...

  • A Truckload of Trouble: Defining ‘Wetness’ Coverage

    Oh, the ironies of insurance and disposable-diaper material. An FC&S Online subscriber recently contacted us about a claim in which a truckload of the absorbent material used to make disposable diapers was ruined by, of all things, “wetness.” The very thing the material was meant to absorb became its demise...

  • California Residents Ignited Over Wildfire Maps

    After writing recently about the predictive modeling now being done by Pitney Bowes Software and Anchor Point Group for the emerging risk of wildfires in this country, I was amused to see the following headline in the Orange County Register: “Residents worry new fire maps mean higher insurance rates.”

  • Resilient Cities: Urban Sustainability for the 21st Century

    In the wake of tragedies such as Hurricanes Katrina, Ike, Wilma and Irene, as well as the devastation wrought by the Japanese earthquake and unprecedented levels of wind events across the United States, experts have begun to consider the issues of urban resiliency—specifically concentrating on unique characteristics that either reduce...

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