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June 2014

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  • Stand and Deliver

    When a suit is filed against an insured, the wording of every liability insurance policy requires the insured to report that suit to the insurer in writing. Most insurers find a notice made orally to the company or the agent sufficient because the agent or broker will convert the oral...

  • Truckin’

    June is busting out all over! The roads are filling with travelers seeking new adventure, and food trucks ready to serve them.

  • Of Apps and Appliances

    We know from the essence of Moore's Law that technology advancement will continue to astound us for the foreseeable future. The general understanding that every 18 months the power of computing will double while the cost is cut in half has resulted in an onslaught of new devices, new capabilities...

  • Revitalize Your Support Team

    Let's talk about your sales support teams. Are they truly serving clients, engaging prospects, creating revenue, and helping to grow the business—or are they glorified data processors?

  • Improving On Home Appraisals

    Avoiding underinsurance requires the right coverage combined with the right limits. In exchange for providing generous coverage, specialist insurers invest heavily on appraisal services to determine appropriate coverage limit, which is a hard process that can create policyholder frustration, even distrust.

  • Reduce E&O with EPL

    It's no secret that most E&O claims against agents arise from their clients' own uninsured claims. While the law regarding the duty to recommend insurance varies by both state and circumstance, if you happen to be aware of an uninsured risk your client faces, it is never a bad idea...

  • More Talk, Little Action

    Washington lobbyists like to tout, especially about getting favored bills passed. Unfortunately, the current Congress has an abysmal record of actually enacting legislation. As far as insurance-related legislation, this Congress will probably end up passing only a few bills this year.

Sounding Board

  • Robust M&A Forecast for 2014

    2012 was a record-breaking year for the number of announced insurance brokerage mergers and acquisitions, principally due to the higher capital gains tax that became effective in 2013. It was a year in transition, culminating with active third and fourth quarters. However, first-quarter 2014 was the most active first quarter...

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