National Underwriter Property & Casualty

October 2017





  • Environmental Risk 101

    Environmental consulting has been around since the early 1970s, but it's still an expanding field with unique risks and exposures. Governmental regulations, public interest in conservation and sustainability have driven the growth of this $16 billion industry.

  • Celebrate Independents’ Day

    National Underwriter is highlighting independent agents and brokers in this issue, so let's declare today Independents’ Day!

  • When the Tree Has to Go

    After the recent hurricanes, wind storms and wild fires, property owners have been cleaning up debris from downed trees and asking “What's covered and what's not?”

  • Agency Succession Planning

    Most agency owners dream of either selling their company or passing it onto the next generation. Whatever the plan, the goal is a successful transition for all involved. As with any long-term strategic planning, you’ll need to establish business and personal goals as part of the process.

  • Misstatement of Insurance Law?

    Who makes insurance laws? State legislators, of course!

  • Independents Find a Way

    I love independent insurance agents and brokers. OK, love is a strong word. I’ve been hanging around with these people for 30 years, and I know them very well.


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