Florida Underwriter

November 2011

From the Editor


  • Ten Steps to Successful Cross-Marketing

    As the current sales force ages and fewer young people enter the life insurance field, the number of families needing professional life services is increasing. This creates a perfect storm of opportunity for property & casualty agencies eager to cross-market.

  • A Solution to PIP Fraud in Florida

    In this Opinion piece, an insurance executive says that PIP fraud has a lot of people complaining but not enough of them doing anything about it. He is issuing a call to action for insurers and consumers to campaign for reform at the grassroots level.

They Say, Hearsay, and We Say

  • Researchers Like IKE

    The Saffir-Simpson scale has long been the guidepost by which people decide how to respond to an approaching storm. A new guy in town—IKE—has some researchers excited.

Florida By the Numbers

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