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November 2011


  • Selling Insurance, Hollywood-Style

    "We insure your dreams.” That’s the slogan of fictional BrownStar Insurance agency in a newish farce starring Ed Helms of The Office. The movie melds Will Ferrell-esque buffoonery and double entendres with tenderhearted moments nearly as sweet as the butterscotch candy Ed’s character, Tim Lippe, hands out a little too...

  • Experience Is the Best Teacher

    Education and training are a must for all insurance professionals. However, property and casualty (P&C) insurance is situational, which makes the correct application of coverage even more difficult and complicated. Experience is essential.

  • Is It Time to Rename the Claims Department?

    Titles and labels matter. They set expectations. Yet, they can also be misleading. Some observers believe the current terms, “claims department” and “claims adjuster”—or their variants—are anachronistic. As such, they propose replacing these titles with the moniker, “resolution department” and “resolution manager.” Here are some arguments for and against the...

  • Putting Rumors to Rest

    A number of newspapers are using a “truth meter” approach to the proclamations of national and local politicians, rating what has been stated as truth, mostly true, half true, mostly false, or so false it is rated “pants on fire.” There are a good many statements made about and by...



  • Technical Notebook: Fire Origin Analysis

    Heat-related damage patterns at a fire scene yield clues as to where a fire originated. This article is a third in a series that discusses burn patterns and interpretations when attempting to determine the origin of a fire.

  • Responding to Auto Subrogation

    While there are no hard and fast rules for subrogation response, there are steps that can be taken to dramatically improve results. In looking at the industry as a whole, there are three prevailing methods for handling auto subrogation response.

  • Follow the Yellow Brick Recovery Road

    Social media has exploded in the last few years, and so too have the social networking tools for adjusters handling subrogation evaluations.

  • Electronic Payment Innovations

    Awaiting settlement payments is one of the most common frustrations insureds experience. The good news is that there are new payment solutions available today that can accelerate the process, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce carrier costs.

  • Propelling Contents Claims

    The services of a contents specialist can speed an insurer’s residential and commercial contents claims processing, and allow the displaced policyholders to move on with their lives or business more quickly.

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