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January 2012



  • Power Outages and Catastrophes

    Evaluating the latest editions of the ISO commercial property causes of loss forms that contain utility services exclusions that preclude coverage for power or other utility failure that is supplied to a premises.

  • Ten Ways to Get More Out of Conferences

    As 2012 beckons, odds are that somewhere on the calendar will be an off-site conference for you to attend. Here are some tips for making the most out of the experiences.

  • Claims Auditing 101: Part 1

    Some may call it “counting beans,” whereas others suggest that statistics are never a true guide about what is really happening. Reality lies somewhere in the middle of any audit process.


  • Automotive Brake Failures

    Many claims these days suggest that automotive brake failure directly contributed to an accident. For those losses where brake malfunction is a suspected cause, the claims investigator is obliged to look into the existence of evidence of brake failure.

  • A Predictive Analytics Arsenal

    In areas of the business like personal lines, quoting, and underwriting, carriers have embraced data and analytics to improve profitability and reduce costs. Yet, they have not applied the same approach to claims—where the vast majority of a carrier’s premium dollars are spent.

  • Intelligent Application of Automated Workflows

    This article examines the impact of applying technology to the litigation management process, as well as examines what considerations must be met in order to reach a successful application.

  • Raising the Roof on Wind-Resistant Technology

    This article provides a brief review of current roof covering codes, design, and selection process. It also presents a number of common construction-related defects that result in the loss of millions of dollars annually.

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