Claims Magazine

December 2011



  • Everything In Its Right Place

    ALE coverage is one of those broad coverages that can bedevil adjusters, agents, and insureds alike. Here's a look at all that ALE entails.

  • Adroitly Manage Fleet Auto Risks

    Company-owned vehicles make it easier to conduct business, but offer great risk. Collisions can exact a heavy toll. Telematics and EDRs, however, can improve risk management, as well as allow claims to be assessed more accurately driving down costs for the business and insurer.

  • The Near and the Far-Fetched Disasters

    As if there isn't enough to worry about what's happening on Earth, scientists are warning against space weather. Solar storms, they say, could wreak havoc on the electric-power supply, triggering losses from business interruption and damaged physical assets.


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