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Build Brand With Blogs

Blogs are another way to gather and disseminate valuable information

What do you get when you mix personal blogs with other blogs, websites and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? The answer is a powerful way to build and extend agent and broker brand messaging.

Interactive blogs are a potent means of expressing opinions and advice on wide-ranging insurance and risk management topics. In the never-say-die world of the Internet, blogs also live forever, serving to educate, inform and arouse the curiosity of readers well after publishing. For agents and brokers, blogs further serve the purpose of creating and maintaining another personal form of engagement with customers, fostering improved client relations in an effort to improve satisfaction and retention.

The blog made its debut in October 2011, and in just a few months has generated a substantial volume of readers. “I just had a fellow who lives in Florida 7 months of the year call me,” she said. “A reader had emailed him a link to my blog on health insurance for people who live in two different states. He’s now a customer and a follower on my Twitter account.”

She has written on an array of topics that she feels are of interest to the agency’s current and prospective clients. These include blogs on fire safety at elementary schools, Medicare practicalities for soon-to-retire baby boomers, and Operation EDITH (Exit Drill In The Home), a home escape plan in the event of fire. Here’s a bit of her blogged advice: “Parents and children should check all smoke detectors inside the home and get familiar with the way they sound. Then plan a route of escape. Practice dropping to your hands and knees and get under the smoke. Remember the saying—Stay Low and Go!—and get out of the house.” 

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