Citizens Releases Mitigation Report

The Actuarial & Underwriting Committee of Citizens Property Insurance Corp. has completed its pilot study on wind mitigation credits. Initiated to test the effectiveness of a re-inspection program designed to verify the validity of reported credits, the program involved the re-inspection of approximately 645 personal residential and 78 commercial residential policies that received wind mitigation credits.

In its summary report, the committee noted that as a result of the findings, enhancements to the program are being implemented, including:

Improved variance reports: The documentation standards in place clearly identify construction features and characteristics. There is a need, however, to improve the description of differences from the building characteristics originally reported found by the re-inspection. Citizens is working to finalize the format and requirements for a clear and concise variance report to address this issue.

Delivery of inspection to agents and policyholders: The size of the electronic version of inspections makes e-mail delivery ineffective. Underwriting is working with technology staff to improve the delivery mechanism of inspection reports to agents and policyholders, including the ability to provide a link to a web page where the inspection can be viewed, printed or saved to a computer.

Policyholder and agent communications: Citizens' Customer Service Department is leading efforts to improve post-inspection communication to policyholders and agents.

Internal workflows and training: A significant effort is ongoing to appropriately modify workflows to ensure efficiency in the re-inspection process. In addition, training for both underwriting and customer care geared towards consistent handling of inspection issues is a top priority.

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